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This blog is about my journey. It delves into questions of identity, adoption and feminism. It ponders about racism, privilege, otherness. Place and space. Academia and activism. Whitesplaining and mensplaining. Nature and culture. Boundaries and intersections.  Whiteness and intersectionality. Home, travels, and foreign lands. Being and becoming. I share some of my thoughts, drawings and favorite things. I write it for me because it helps me to figure stuff out and to communicate things I can't communicate otherwise. But I also write it for you. Because maybe you wish someone would tell you about their struggles with growing up, non-belonging, and defiant hair. Or because you're simply interested in a different perspective. I hope that you will feel inspired, in one way or the other. Please feel free to get in touch and tell me about yourself, your thoughts, feelings, doubts, how you manage to eat breakfast every day, what you think of dichotomies, and how you survive in this crazy world.